Imagine Wearing Fresh Socks Every. Single. Day.

Women's Invisible Liners

Don't share your secret with anyone, OR, share it!

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Where's the sock? New liners every day.

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Men's Crew

People are on their feet every day. New crew socks are crucial to healthy feet, and ideal for boots or high top sneakers.

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Top level breathable ankle sport socks thrive in demanding conditions. Let your toots breath with you.

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Want that fresh feeling in your suit every day. Close the biggest deals with new dress socks each and every day.

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Let's Think About It

New Socks = Healthy Feet

When you walk or run, your feet expand, elongate and flatten out with each step; they return to their original shape and size during rest. New socks that are designed and made with the dynamic nature of the foot in mind help protect the feet as they move inside shoes.

We've Revolutionized the Sock Experience

You've probably never considered wearing a brand new pair of socks every single day.  Now, you're dreams are a reality thanks to sustainability.  For every pair of socks we send out, a reciprocal pair of socks is donated to the homeless.  That's right, for every pair of socks you receive every month, that same amount is sent out to people in need.  In fact, every donated pair goes to an American Citizen.  You are the answer., The HUMAN Standard

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O. M. G. is by far my favorite thing that has ever existed in this world ever, ever.  These guys have that idea that someone sees and just says, "why didn't I think of that first"?


"I purchased this with skepticism, and realized it is something I could never live without!  I now gift this to every single person I Know!"


"The sock liners are fantastic.  I always had to buy new ones anyway since everyone makes them so thin.  It's a great way to keep the no sock look and feel clean at the same time without going to the store relentlessly."


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Why are socks so important?


Sock Standard supports sustainability

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